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Ananda Soul Retreats
1474 Mountain Ave, Kelowna, BC

Event Description

Blessings everyone! I want to assure you before you commit to this journey, that this is a personal journey, but also one that will connect you to many others that are on a similar journey. A world will open for you that is beyond what you may be prepared for, but it is certain that you have been led here: and I take signs from the Universe very seriously. Reiki changed my life: it made me more secure in who I am as a spiritual being and human being, but also how to know what is in alignment for me and how I want to feel and show up in this world. This resonates with and can affect relationships, work choices and perception of life experiences. Through the attunement process and alignment of your chakras for a practitioner & receiver: you will become a vessel through which the Universe can channel its healing energy through to you and/or your patients. Each treatment is different and special. It will also be different for you on comparison to any other Reiki practitioner. You have your own energy and when merged with the Universal energy, your own healing gifts will be revealed. As such, your confidence in this practice will be unveiled one step at a time and I am here to help you with this process. Reiki is a powerful practice. It can release years of resentment, sadness, trauma and panic in an instant if the receiver is open and working with a clear vessel for energy to move through. This is a safe space to learn how to practice Reiki for yourself, plants, animals, and for your patients (loved ones, etc.) We form deep bonds in these trainings as well, it's beautiful to see people on a similar journey connect so deeply and make strong friendships. Expect to learn, have fun and be part of a group that is curious about energy work and high vibrational tools for ritual and ceremony. We will also take an hour to learn about crystals and their healing benefits, essential oils, sound healing and how these additions can benefit any reiki practice! I love making these trainings an experience to remember: because what energy healing work teaches us most is that the journey is the juiciest part: Not the goal. Let's invite this in as we move forward and I look forward to meeting you and inviting you into one of our Reiki sacred circles. If this sounds right for you, please continue with the details below. All my love, Your Guide throughout this Journey, Ananda.

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