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Friday 17-Apr-2020 (More Dates)


First Community
450 Okanagan Ave SE, Salmon Arm, British Columbia

Event Description

We will reschedule this event at a later date. The Neighourhood Revisited Time to look at the world differently. Together, let’s look at all the things we hold in “common” and begin to gather and build community so that we might begin to enhance the lives of individuals and the environment. You are invited to think a little differently. Yes, people need to earn a living, but how might we do that so that the poor have jobs, homes, and food? How might we make better use of resources so that we can address the effects of climate change? How do we come together as communities to make lives and world better? This event is geared toward social enterprises, non-profits, and faith communities. It will be asking: How can we achieve the mission of our organizations in ways that make for a better world? What needs to change? How do we (as groups that seek to do good in the world) need to change? How might we work together? All this and more will be explored during this two-day event held in Salmon Arm.

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Available Dates:

Friday 17-Apr-2020
Saturday 18-Apr-2020
Sunday 19-Apr-2020
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