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Friday 23-Aug-2019 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


Ratio Coffee & Pastry
#4 - 3101 29th Street,

Event Description

Grassroots Progressive Activism Politics that are built to be used, not made to be sold. Educate, Organize, Mobilize: Demand a government that works for all of us. Democratic socialism to address income & wealth inequality. Taking on established corruption & big money interests, fostering our voice, fighting for the future we believe in. Join in: Connect with the growing, strong, & beautiful political movement. Bringing people together. We won't be divided up & manipulated by authoritarian bigots or entrenched corporate machinations. We're revitalizing our democracy by engaging folks and organizations to remedy our economic, environmental, racial, and social pains. If you're hurting or afraid because of public policy or media messaging, come defeat despair. Focus on what can be done. So much is entirely possible: Dignity for the marginalized, a Canadian Green New Deal, fostering unions and the like. Power *from* the people. Empowering the North Okanagan's poor & working class. On guard for thee... the true north strong & free. Apathy costs too much. If we don't put the effort into ruling ourselves, others will. Creating community by our efforts; Making progress.

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