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Friday 30-Aug-2019 (More Dates)


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Lumby, BC

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Take a leap into the future, where humans have breached the outer limits of our Galaxy searching for alien life. After many years of exploring, their journey's have led them to a planet inhabited by a race whose culture is founded and driven by the deep sexy sounds of bass. Their cities are powered by it, and their souls enlivened in it. A culture who celebrates self expression, music, dance, open mindedness and spiritual expansion. The landscape, though strange and unfamiliar, glows with beauty, pulsating aurus of radiant energy and vibes! Our bond with them was quickly formed as we danced among their kind. A synergistic and unbreakable friendship was born! As a token of this newfound connection, they have extended an invitation these travellers to invite the chillest and weirdest humans they know to join them for their most sacred of ceremonies, the ceremony celebrating their sweet sound waves and source of life "Parallax" titled after their amazing planet . So get ready to take a trip into deep space to join us and our wonderful wonky friends for this awe-inspiring and unique experience! However, it is sacred on Parallax to express your inner soul outwardly, so dive into your tickle trunks and get weird!! Date: August 30th - September 1st 2019 Location: TBA Age: All Ages • Creative and unique extraterrestrial planet inspired art and stage atmosphere • Artisan and food vendors • Educational and inspirational workshops • Arts and crafts corner • Sanctuary and harm reduction services • Potluck and breakfast • Free Camping >>Tickets: Presales available June 15th Early Bird - $15 SOLD OUT Tier 1 - $25 Online Presales Available! Tier 2 - $35 Gate - $45 Hardcopy Tickets Available: Soon!! Location and Ticket Sellers: TBA >>Artists: Line Up (So far) Below: Dallas Wub Wub Darth Raver DJ LunchBoxx Drazius Dubtriks Eelz Gnarsistek Gin & Tonic Gravage Hucklefairy Spin Koda P Lane Buck Lizdek MyLove Niche 5trobe Swazzy Gold Tayz West Wubs Zalex + More >>Workshops: TBA >>Wanna get involved? If you are interested in being part of this event, contact either Shady Rae or Kavan Kozakavich. We need volunteers and workshop leaders (no need for certification, just a fun or useful skills you may wanna share!) If you think you have something else awesome to include please don't hesitate to alert us :) >>Information • Camping available, it is preferable to bring smaller units or tents to save space • Prepare for typical weather conditions; rain, wind, heat & sun and cool nights • We will not hesitate to escort promblematic or violent patrons off the land • Porta potties on site • Bring something for our potluck Saturday evening! >>Rules & Guidelines • Leave no trace! Respect the land and clean up after yo'selves! You wouldn't want aliens coming to earth and leaving their junk around! • No Glass! • There is a ZERO tolerance of violence policy! This is a peaceful planet.. • No weapons or explosives of any kind • Any suspicions of intoxicated drivers attempting to leave the site will not be allowed to leave premises • PLUR is in effect! °Audio provided by Bass Pod **Patrons attend at their own risk. Earth Tribe and Bass Pod are not responsible for personal injury, theft, damage of property, or weather related events OTHER then those directly related to negligence or damage by Earth Tribe or Bass Pod. Keep your eye out for details as they unfold! Hope to see you there! Earth Tribe & Bass Pod

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Friday 30-Aug-2019
Saturday 31-Aug-2019
Sunday 01-Sep-2019
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