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Saturday 15-Feb-2020 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM


The Yoga Studio at Lotus & Lettuce Vernon
2909 30th Ave, Vernon, British Columbia V1T 2B8

Event Description

Sadhu Prem, When hearing his first Sanskrit mantra it ignited something deep within his heart. Intuitively his soul knew it was a medicine he was yearning for. He immersed himself in the vibration of the mantras and the yogic teachings. Eventually, he traveled to India and met his guru Paramahamsa Prajnananandaji. He continued his journey learning sacred songs and prayers from healers, shamans and a variety of spiritual traditions around the world. With his musical and creative background, kirtan, mantra and sacred song naturally became a foundational pillar in his spiritual journey. Through the music, stories, chants, and meditations he spreads a message of love, peace, unity & freedom. -Kirtan and Sound Healing- All of creation is vibration. Yogis, healers, mystics and some of the greatest minds in history have all said that the future of healing will be sound and music. Come together, chant the holy names of The Divine and move to the call of your spirit. The music is the container for the medicine of the mantras to work. Sadhu Prem has developed a signature style for delivering this ancient, sacred and powerful practice. Fusing traditional Kirtan of the East with his unique style of western rhythm, incorporating sacred songs of traditions from all around the world, including indigenous medicine songs from North, Central & South America, as-well his own personally written songs. He delivers this in a concert/ceremony style, creating a sacred space, transmitting a vibration that purifies the heart and brings you in touch with your True Essence, The Love dwelling within - Spirit. -Cacao Ceremonies- Cacao Ceremonies are an ancient tradition that originates from Central America and now more recently are being used around the world. Used with intention, Cacao is a powerful catalyst to open the heart, enhance creativity and expand consciousness. Cacao is the world's most potent antioxidant and has an incredible amount of health benefits on a physical and energetic level. There is limited space for this event be sure a Reserve Your Tickets today!

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