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Saturday 07-Sep-2019 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM


Pogue Mahone Irish Alehouse
843 Desmond Street, Kamloops

Event Description

Indie music live at Kamloop's own Pogue Mahone Irish Alehouse ! Jitensha is an indie music duo based in Montréal. The project consists of Canadian musician David Martinez and US-born performer Erin Rose Hubbard. These two charismatic musicians create upbeat, insightful songs with a highly emotional concept, combing catchy melodies and indie aesthetics with understated song writing skills. The pair focuses on personal themes such as self-discovery, determination and empathy. Jitensha is the Japanese word for bicycle, which serves as a metaphor for the power of human energy. The direction you choose, and the energy you put in, determines where you end up! Listen to their first album Buck Moon here: New music video for "Under Control" - Periscope album release - August 16th!

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