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Monday 02-Sep-2019 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM


Agape Natural Wellness Centre Inc.
105-1626 Richter Street, Kelowna, British Columbia Phone Number: (250) 899-5220

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Learning Spiral Dynamics is like receiving the lost puzzle piece which illuminates mysteries of the mind, Human Nature and your own path of personal growth. Why do people do what they do? How do other people see the world? Spiral Dynamics has such an incredible explanatory power when it comes to revealing the diverse categories of human values and which motivate behaviour. Not only is Spiral Dynamics rich in explanatory power, it can help illuminate why people act in certain ways that seem fundamentally confusing and mysterious. Spiral Dynamics can carve you a clear path for your own personal growth, it can inform you how to collaborate effectively with others and lastly SD is even predictive to the course of human advancement within the next 50-100 years- letting you in on informed predictions about business, government and our global community at large. Get ready for empowering applications of this model for business, relationships, mental health and even spirituality. The Topics: - An Overview of the Psychological Playing Field - Introduction to Spiral Dynamics Synthesis - The Foundations of our Human origins (Baige) - The Beginning of primitive society (Purple) - Breaking from the Tribe and seeking Personal Power (Red) - The beginning of order and Civilization (Blue) - Discovering rationality and personal achievement (Orange) - Awakening to a sensitivity to humanness and ecology (Green) - Systems Thinking and Taking Multiple Perspectives (Yellow) - How to use Spiral Dynamics for your own Development - How to use Spiral Dynamics to help others - The future of civilization through Spiral Dynamics Predictions - Applications of Spiral Dynamics Resource Book: - Spiral Dynamics Integral by Don Beck _________________________ ABOUT YOUR TEACHER: Will Deroode is a Life Coach who helps others with deriving powerful Insights about themselves and their lives. He has a passion for sharing embodied wellness tools and mindsets to equip others to thrive as Individuals, as Leaders and as Coaches. Will has an Academic background in Psychology (BA), specifically focused on Mindfulness practice for Depression, Anxiety and Adhd. He Led a 16 Week Mindfulness Meditation Program at Canada Post's Head Office in Ottawa. In 2019 Will ran a 20-Hour Personal Development Coaching Certification with Life Coach and Ultra-Marathon Runner Holly Grahn. Will has led over 24 workshops in Kelowna on a wide variety of topics from Self-Development, Holistic Health, Communication and Esoteric Psychology. ____________________________ For Inquiries Please Contact: Phone - 250-899-5220 Email -

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