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Sunday 16-Feb-2020 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


One Yoga Kelowna
410 Bernard Ave #201, Kelowna, British Columbia

Event Description

Our purpose on earth is to remember the essence of who we are - our soul’s calling - and our unity with the rest of creation. The obstacles and events we face along our path are intended to create an opportunity for us to remember these truths, but sometimes, and especially if they’re traumatic, they throw us o? entirely. Our human, conditioned self - or ego - is heavily invested and attached to our victim narrative and these residual feelings and ingrained stories work hard to take up space and prove their rightness. As humans, we get lost in the situations, circumstances or traumas and forget how powerful we are. When we get swallowed by our stories we aren’t able to see the choices, possibilities, empowerment and freedom that are available to us. You aren’t what happened to you. Your life situations don’t need to de?ne you but you do need to integrate them. These challenges, obstacles and tragedies can be used as portals for your spiritual growth and personal awakening. As your journey of ?nding freedom on the other side of struggle and pain unfolds, forgiveness becomes a quality of being and a deeper truth becomes inescapable. You are whole and complete at your core – you are powerful beyond measure – you are enough! Join Keli on a healing journey of re-discovering your inner strength and grace by releasing the grip of old resentments and stories that have kept you stuck and frustrated, and attain the freedom you deserve. This wholeness, empowerment and freedom within you is unparalleled; it surpasses all obstacles, it's bigger than circumstance and carries in?nite potential.

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