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Friday 26-Nov-2021 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


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Join Max and Dre in this 60 minute exploration of this seasons hottest Video Design Trends using the new Canva Video Suite. This show explores new design trends as they emerge across several channels and mediums, with detailed analysis and a practical hands-on recreation of the trend in Canva with a Canva Designer. You'll walk away with handy tips to help you create content that is on trend and be shown all the amazing resources available for Canva Video users. Learning Outcomes Learn about Design Trends that are popular with Video Learn how to recreate them using Canva's Video tools Learn about all the resources that Canva Design School has on offer that can help you become the best Video Designer you can be! This webinar is suitable for: Anyone is welcome to attend. No prior experience with Canva is necessary Includes: Live access to webinar and participation in live Q&A session at the end of the session. Presented by: Dre Agar - Template Designers at Canva • Dre is the video template squad's junior designer and resident design nerd • He's worked for Canva for almost a year and has contributed to several template campaigns EJ Dalupang - Motion Art Director at Canva

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