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Friday 19-Oct-2018 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Bushwacker Paintball Games
9521 Highway 97 North V1T 9L4 Phone Number: (250) 542-1170

Event Description

Action and storyline based upon actual historic events in Mogadishu, Somalia, 1993… Somalians suffer from widespread famine as a warlord stops international aid from his own people causing starvation and civil war. U.S. Army Rangers were sent to remove this warlord from power. It was a near-disastrous mission in Somalia on October 3, 1993 where nearly 100 U.S. Army Rangers were dropped by helicopter deep into the capital city of Mogadishu to capture two top lieutenants of a Somali warlord. The result is a large and drawn-out firefight between the Rangers and hundreds of Somali gunmen which led to the destruction of two U.S. Black Hawk helicopters and heroic efforts by the Rangers.

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