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Monday to Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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Legacy Denture Clinic’s History of Client Satisfaction in Kamloops
Frank Pryce and Fred Trestain

Established in 1969 by Fred Trestain, Trestain and Pryce Denture Clinic has been a successful practice for over 40 years. Frank Pryce joined Fred Trestain in 1974. He successfully graduated from Vancouver Community College to become a licensed Denturist in 1977, and retired in July 2011 selling the business, and leaving Kore Connolly his Legacy. Both Fred and Frank were pillars in the Denturist community and they both served on the Denturist Association of BC, giving back to their profession.
old photo of staffs

Kore Connolly’s grandfather, George A. Connolly was one of the founding fathers of Denturism in Canada. George Connolly exemplified the spirit of service to his profession. George Connolly’s love for Denturism was shown through his commitment to further the profession not only in Canada but internationally as well. The Denturist Association of Canada recognizes George’s Legacy and has handed out the George A. Connolly Denturist of the Year Award, each year since his untimely passing in 1986. His Legacy is strong within the community of Denturists, and the Denturist Associations across Canada. George Connolly also established a scholarship fund for students, recognizing the highest achievement in Denturism studies. This scholarship is still being gifted yearly to hard working students, helping them become successful graduates into the Denturist Profession. George Connolly established the Main Street Denture Clinic in 1952 and it has been a successful family practice for over 50 years. Jim Connolly, R.D., his son, took over the practice in 1974.
Jim the denturist

Jim is also dedicated to serving the Denturist profession. He is an active member, having held executive positions with both the Denturist Association of BC and the College of Denturists of BC. His involvement has been instrumental in the on-going development of the Denturist Profession. Jim was presented with the Denturist Hall of Fame award in 2012, recognizing his devotion over the years. Kore was able to work with Jim during his one year internship, learning not only the skill of Denturism but the benefits of hard work and dedication to the profession.

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