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KAMLOOPS Powder Coatings

KAMLOOPS Powder Coatings
2862 Bowers Pl,
Kamloops, BC V1S 1W5
Kamloops Powder Coatings has been providing top quality sandblasting and powder coating services to the metal industry since 1998. We have the equipment and capabilities to accommodate a large variety of different applications. We can powder coat from very small pieces (ie. small screws) to larger items (ie. 38' poles, large sawmill rollers, water treatment plant pipes, truck boxes, etc.). We have excellent turn-around times combined with outstanding customer service. We have also designed our production system for flexibility and responsiveness and can thus accommodate rush orders and help our customers meet their business needs.
Products & Services Offered
  • aluminum powder coating
  • ceramic powder coating
  • commercial powder coating
  • custom powder coating
  • hand rail powder coating
  • high heat powder coating
  • kamloops powder coatings
  • metal powder coating
  • post powder coating
  • powder coat
  • powder coated fences
  • powder coating treatment
  • quality powder coating
  • railing powder coating
  • rim powder coating
  • steel powder coating
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