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DUCT Doctor Cleaning Services

This locally owned family business is now operated by a hard working husband and wife team who strive to make each duct clean a pleasant and painless experience for the customer. Along with 23 years in the customer service industry, and then having worked alongside the original Doc for several months, the new Doc was ready for the challenge to make Duct Doctor a household name to be proud of. We provide a thorough cleaning of all ductwork, supply and return vents, and all furnace component parts which are accessible using our specially built powerful duct cleaning trucks.
Products & Services Offered
  • air conditioner efficiency improvement
  • air vent cleaning
  • airborn allergy removal
  • allergy control
  • allergy control furnace cleaning
  • bacteria removal
  • bacteria removal furnace
  • clean air
  • commercial furnace cleaning
  • construction furnace clean up
  • construction furnace cleanup
  • dust removal furnace
  • furnace bacteria removal
  • furnace cleaning north okanagan
  • furnace cleaning vernon
  • furnace efficiency improvement
  • furnace exhaust vent cleaning
  • house odour removal
  • indoor air quality improvement
  • mould removal furnace
  • north okanagan furnace cleaning
  • pet hair removal furnace
  • professional
  • professional furnace cleaning
  • residential furnace cleaning
  • spore removal furnace
  • truck mounted vacuum
  • vernon furnace cleaning
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