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ARGENTUM All Pro Curbing Ltd

Are you ready for a simple solution to the challenge of keeping your landscape looking great, without a lot of maintenance?

It's time to discover concrete curbing, the most innovative landscape product available today.

Concrete landscape curbing is one of the fastest growing segments of the landscape industry.

Every property owner needs some type of edging to keep their landscape looking great.

The process is fast, clean and efficient and typical jobs can be completed in one day.

All Pro Curbing gives you over 30 different colors plus 12 different textures and stamps to choose from.

All Pro Curbing has special molds for installing curb lighting directly into the curb.

This product is a line or low voltage product, which adds security, safety and beauty to any home.

Typically, the lighting is installed on the edge towards the top, which creates a soft backlight.

The indirect light provides a soft glow to highlight your flower beds.
Products & Services Offered
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  • concrete curbing
  • curb appeal
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  • custom curbing
  • decorative stone
  • driveway curb
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  • landscape curbing
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