Vancouver driver undeterred, despite heavy levy on hand-held habit

VANCOUVER - One Vancouver driver has rung up 26 tickets in just over three years for breaking the law by using his electronic device while behind the wheel.

Now, Vancouver Police say they have taken further steps to curb the man's dangerous habits, and he may not like how it all adds up.

His car has now been impounded for seven days after his arrest for driving while prohibited.

While he's without his vehicle, the unidentified driver may have time to use the calculator on his hand-held device to add up the $167 fine for each of his 26 tickets.

The $4,342 charge is in addition to the $24,000 insurance premium the Insurance Corporation of B.C. will impose for his 69 penalty points — three per ticket — and that's not counting the towing and storage fees on his impounded vehicle.

Insp. Les Yeo says some motorists still don't understand the dangers of distracted driving, but with a bill approaching $30,000 at his next insurance renewal, there's no question about the foolishness of this driver in April or any other month of the year.

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