Twitter abuzz with Sochi head shakers

A confusing sign in a hotel at the media accommodations at the Sochi Winter Olympic games. Reporter Kate McKenna post this picture to Twitter sayings, "Yet another bizarro #Sochi toilet pic. My condolences to all toilet fishing enthusiasts."
Image Credit: Twitter/Kate McKenna

When you lump hundreds of tired and overworked journalists into unfinished accomodations you are bound to get some grumbling. Add social media like Twitter to the equation and the snarkiness is instantaneous.

The hotel rooms in Sochi for the Winter Olympics had some 'unique' challenges.

Some wag has even created a @SochiProblems account on Twitter.

There's also some backlash to the complaints issued by the media horde.

Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno goes so far as to accuse the reporters of turning into "Ugly Americans" because they are outside their comfort zones.




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