When you are three minutes late for a ferry... do this

Image Credit: youtube

BONUS VIDEO: This video is moving across the wild, wild web today. It's one woman's reaction to missing a ferry by three minutes. Pretty sure everyone has had this reaction... in their minds. Watch. Enjoy. Then have a nice day.

Then watch the priceless reaction from this kid when his dad pretends to eat a toy centipede, and then pretends to cough it up.

The video from America's Funniest Home videos is one of the TV show's prize winners.

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The neglected kittens, including the one pictured in this submitted photo, are under veterinary care and the adult cats are being assessed by the B.C. SPCA locations.
B.C. SPCA seizes 59 cats from Chase property
CHASE – Forty-seven adult cats and 12 kittens were rescued from a property in Chase where they lived in poor conditions and suffered neglect and medical problems. Officials with the B.C. SPCA are recommending charges of animal cruelty

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