STAFF PICKS: Our favourite foods

Everyone has a different favourite when it comes to holiday food.
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Like any family, our newsroom has varying tastes when it comes to what we like to eat. From cookies and sweets to potatoes and drinks, we like it all.

Ginger cookies, cinnamon buns, almond roca, shortbread, Nanaimo bars and apple pie top our list of baked goodies we like to chow down on during the holidays but when it comes to making something ourselves we all have a little bit different idea on what exactly constitutes a recipe.

One of our favourite recipes is for macarons, though our editor is still working on perfecting the recipe.

Another sweet lover, one of our reporters enjoys making candy cane bark as a simple treat and gift. Simply crush some candy canes and mix with melted chocolate. Pour on a flat pan and let harden before breaking apart, which is the fun part.

Ever tried roasted squash pureed with roasted bananas? Our Vernon reporter knows it sounds weird, but swears it tastes great, while another reporter loves her mom’s mashed potatoes.

“She’s some kind of potato wiz,” Kamloops reporter Glynn Brothen says. “Sorry, there’s no link to it online. But I bet you can get something similar if you go throw in a bunch of butter and all the other fattening dairy products you can think of.”

Two of our newsroom staffers look to alcohol as their recipe choice, one goes simple with rum and coke while the other prefers B-52s.

Finally we have our uninspired holiday cook, who relies simply on canned cranberry sauce.

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