Rexall Foundation supports improved perinatal care in Kelowna

Left to right: Ted Sheehan, Okanagan Prewire; Ruth Edwards, NOHS; Todd Hanna, Protocol Technologies Inc.

KELOWNA – A generous donation of $25,760 from the Rexall Foundation will allow Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) to purchase an urgently needed Rapid Infuser for the new Perinatal Unit.

This essential medical device warms blood during surgical procedures and infuses it into the body, helping to save hundreds of thousands of lives annually around the world. The device will allow physicians at KGH to deliver the elevated level of care that will be made possible by our new Perinatal Unit.

Thanks to the Rexall Foundation donation, KGH now has increased ability to safely care for vulnerable newborns, so that parents will no longer have to travel to distant centres, such as Vancouver or Calgary, to seek urgently needed medical treatment for their babies.

“We are so proud that our donation will play a role in ensuring Kelowna General Hospital’s smallest patients are able to receive the best possible care, to help them grow and develop, in this formative time of their lives,” said Brian McLaughlin, President, Rexall Foundation.

The redesigned Perinatal Unit is located on the 4th floor of the new Interior Heart & Surgical Centre at Kelowna General Hospital.

The KGH Foundation is extremely grateful to the Rexall Foundation for its generosity and commitment to helping improve the health of newborn babies in Kelowna and other communities across Canada.

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