Red piano popular downtown Kamloops attraction

The new red piano has been a popular downtown attraction.
Image Credit: @CAPTeam via Twitter

KAMLOOPS - It didn’t take long for the blue piano to be replaced by a shiny new red one this summer and it didn’t take long for the public to embrace the spirit of new one either.

The blue piano was put out of commission at the beginning of July when a man vandalized it, destroying multiple hammers and silencing a total of 13 keys. The blue piano was retired as an oversized planter and within a few weeks a new piano was donated, painted and out on the street for the public to play.

Random people often stop and play the new piano, as they did the old one, and downtown patrons will stop to enjoy the brief show.

Earlier this month Kim Norbury grabbed some video of a young man putting on an incredible performance.

Do you have pictures of video or someone playing the red piano? Share them below.



Young guy playing the piano downtown. Kamloops today. Talented! Posted by Kim Norbury on Monday, September 21, 2015


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