Police called in after house party gets out of control

Image Credit: RCMP

Kamloops Mounties arrested at least two people after breaking up an out of control house party in Pineview early Sunday morning.

RCMP spokesperson Staff Sgt. Grant Learned says between 10 and 40 people were found fighting in three streets outside the home in the 1700 block of Lodgepole Drive. The 42-year-old owner of the home was well aware of the party; it was to celebrate her daughter's first year of university. But thing grew out of hand and she had to call for police.

It started between two young men over a girl and soon friends of each combatant had joined the fray.

"One highly intoxicated 18-year-old was arrested after he was found lying down under a police car after all the party goers had been dispersed," Learned says. The man was taken to RCMP cells to sover up and released without charges.

No one was injured or charged but they were back at the home a couple of hours later when the other half of the fight turned up back at the home. He was removed from the home by the home owner and was arrested without incident by police who "found him staggering in the neighborhood a short distance away."

He was also brought back to the police office to sober up and was later released without charges.

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