PHOTOS: Sun Peaks celebrates the season

The Urban Rail Jam drew loud applause and cheering as a couple dozen participants rode the rails, jumped a truck bed and skidded along the culvert Saturday afternoon.

KAMLOOPS - Sun Peaks kicked off the holidays this weekend as only a ski resort can, with Santa's Alpine Visit and an Urban Rail Jam.

Dozens of spectators lined the village walkways to watch the rail jam as snowboarders and skiers rode the rails and culvert or jumped the truck bed using snow ramps created that afternoon for just that purpose.

Meanwhile, deeper into the village, Santa's Alpine Visit took over. Santa posed for pictures while the elves played and Jack Frost visited with anyone willing to come close to the ice-cold man. Maple taffy pops cooled in the snow and gingerbread man decorating stations had the kids hopped up on sugar while B3 Kings played classical Christmas songs from the outdoor stage. Horses that normally lead sleighs around and puppies destined to pull dog sleds in the future greeted guests willing to stop for a quick pet while vendors set up tables lining the snowy village walkway and some stores stayed open a little later than normal for those still needing to do some Christmas shopping.

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