Penticton singer directs Lego actress for soul-searching song

Penticton singer-guitarist and animator Ari Neufeld shot, chopped and directed a stop-motion Lego movie set to to his song, Treasure In You.
Image Credit: Facebook/Arianne L-S

PENTICTON - Local artist, musician and Lego fan Ari Neufeld released his Treasure In You video which was made with some of the simplest online and iPhone tools.

The guitar player and singer recorded Treasure In You with Grammy Award winning producer Randy Cabellero in Austin, TX but the video could have been made anywhere.

Using Lego blocks, a Lego figurine and a patch of outdoors Neufeld tells the story of a person in search of something. He used Vine , the Lego Movie app, processed images through Instagram and then dumped everything into his iPhone to edit with iMovie. The result is a sweet stop-motion animated short set to Treasure In You.

He could not have been happier with the result.

"Wow. It is incredible how fast it is. You can control the speed of your animations, add sound effects, edit, title, whatever," he wrote on the video's YouTube page.

Neufeld has been experimenting with music and the arts for years. On May 21, 2010 at the Dream Cafe he and 150 people participated in a live recording. A live portrait of Neufeld was painted during the event and the whole thing was filmed by three filmmakers.

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Credit: Ari Neufeld

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