New landfill entrance opens June 2

When one door closes another opens - or in this case an entrance. Starting June 2, customers will access the Glenmore Landfill from John Hindle Drive and the current Glenmore Drive entrance will be closed.

The new entrance also means better service. Improvements include a new recycling area before the main gates, improved weigh scales for measuring loads, and paved areas for refuse disposal making load drop off easier and cleaner for residents visiting the site.

“The entrance and traffic signal at John Hindle Drive will help to take some of the traffic congestion away from Glenmore Drive and will allow a safer left turn for those entering and leaving the landfill,” said Ken Muller, Landfill Supervisor. “We’re happy with the configuration of the new entrance and look forward to better serving the public.”

In conjunction with the entrance opening, the landfill operations will also be moving over to the new administration building. The building was designed with minimal environmental impact in mind. The City of Kelowna received a “Community Recognition Award” from Wood Works! for its support of the BC wood industry in its commitment to use wood in the building. This supports City Council’s adoption of the Wood First initiative to build using a renewable resource. Additionally, roof-mounted solar panels heat the hot water in the building and all toilets on site are composting toilets, reducing toilet water usage to almost nothing and creating no load on the City’s sanitary system.

Visit for more information about the landfill.

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