Military police, prosecutors hold key to where criminal cases end up

OTTAWA - The Canadian Forces has launched the first comprehensive review of the military justice system in generations. Here are some facts about the system:

— Only serving military personnel can be charged under the National Defence Act and tried by court martial.

— A case against a service member is sent to court martial if military police lay a charge under the National Defence Act and military prosecutors agree to proceed through the military justice system.

— Military police can opt instead to charge a service member under the Criminal Code, which sends it to the civilian system. Military prosecutors can similarly decide after a review that the case would be better handled by the civilian courts.

— Military officials say 40 of 49 sexual assault cases involving military personnel last year were referred to the civilian courts.

— The National Defence Act allows for service members to be charged and convicted for specific military crimes as well as offences listed in the Criminal Code.

Editor's Note in response to allegations from Vernon RCMP Supt. Jim McNamara
Editor’s note: • Watch shifts at the Vernon detachment have fallen to as low as three roadable officers. • The department suffers from chronic understaffing. • Sources, who we trust and who have knowledge of the s

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