Mid-August opening targetted for Lake Country highway

The District of Lake Country was excited to see a sign go up this week for Pelmewash Parkway, a scenic route along the old portion of the highway.
Image Credit: District of Lake Country

LAKE COUNTRY - A touch of fresh paint, some new road signs and concrete barriers are the finishing touches standing between motorists and the new strip of highway running through Lake Country.

Rampaul Dulay with the Ministry of Transportation says they're looking at a mid-August opening for the $78-million section of highway.

"It's looking really good. It's very aesthetically pleasing, you can see both Kalamalka and Wood Lakes from it," Dulay says.

Paving is all finished, and Dulay says there's just a bit more work to do to get the roadway ready.

"There's going to be some kind of community event organized by the Chamber of Commerce in Winfield," Dulay says.

The new four-lane highway will be a 100 km/h zone, allowing drivers a speedier commute compared to the 80 km/h posted on the old highway.

Meanwhile, signs are being installed for Pelmewash Parkway, where the old highway used to be. The speed limit along the route will be reduced to 50 km/h, encouraging drivers to slow down and take in the scenic views. Right now, the road still belongs to the Ministry of Transportation, but eventually, the District of Lake Country will take ownership.

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