Lumby arena honours late coach Peter Catt

Image Credit: Contributed/Kraft Hockeyville, Lumby

LUMBY - Residents of Lumby are excited as the NHL's top ice maker was is town helping arena staff this week.

The ice surface got plenty of fresh paint: the Kraft Hockeyville logo, the NHL logo, NHL Players Association logo, red lines, blue lines and goal creases.

One important addition stands out. At centre ice, beloved hockey coach Peter Catt's emblem was added, as well at the door where he opened and shut it for his defensemen of the Lumby Pee Wee Stars.

It has been said that Lumby's energy that started the social media frenzy of sharing and voting was grief of this great man's loss. His friends used their grief for good. They believe he helped his hometown community win in spirit.

Now when visiting teams, home teams and anyone skates on The Pat Duke ice surface this year, they will touch a piece of Peter Catt.

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