A closer look at the federal government's books for 2015-16 fiscal year

OTTAWA - The federal government released its year-end financial figures Friday for 2015-16. Here are some highlights of the report, with 2014-15 numbers in parentheses:

Revenue from sale of GM shares: $2.1 billion

Personal income tax revenues: $144.9 billion ($135.7 billion)

Corporate tax revenues: $41.4 billion ($39.4 billion)

Total revenues: $295.5 billion ($282.3 billion)

Total direct program expenses: $122.1 billion ($114.3 billion)

Public debt charges (debt-servicing costs): $25.6 billion ($26.6 billion)

Total expenses: $296.4 billion ($280.4 billion)

Federal debt: $616 billion ($612.3 billion)

Debt-to-GDP ratio: 31.1 per cent (31 per cent)

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