Kelowna firefighter on a mission to help train in Peru

Image Credit: SOURCE/Facebook

By Julie Whittet

One of Kelowna's local firefighters will be packing his bags next month to give enhanced training to firefighters in South America.   

Glenn Paley of the Kelowna Fire Department will join other B.C. firefighters to deliver Canada's Firefighters Without Borders (FWB) two-week intensive training program to Peru's National Fire Service.

“I am very passionate about the fire service and being a part of the brotherhood of firefighting. I am excited to pass on some of the knowledge and experience that I have gained here in North America and share it with the Peruvian Bomberos,” said Paley, who has over 20 years experience in fire service.

The mission is designed to help Peru's bomberos – or firefighters - learn safer and more efficient firefighting techniques. The Peruvian fire service comprises a team of 10,000 male and female volunteers, and is responsible for protecting 29 million citizens. 

Paley has been busy raising money for the project, which is entirely funded by FWB members. Paley and other firefighters are using their vacation time to participate in the deployment. They have been gathering donations to finance the cost of equipment, supplies, travel and shipping.

This will be Paley's second time leading training courses in Peru.

Firefighters Without Borders, a registered charity started in 2008, collects used gear and equipment that can be donated to countries that could use the extra resources.

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