Kamloops casino doubles up, wins city approval

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KAMLOOPS - With building expansion already approved for Chances Casino, the gaming facility took another step forward in its bid to expand service capacity and hours.

A liquor license amendment for the casino was before council this week for city support before heading to the provincial branch for final approval. The city agreed with the bid to more than double the number of people allowed at the facility at a time and to open an hour earlier.

The Halston Avenue casino is adding an extension that, including outdoor patio space, will allow it to more than double its capacity to 900, from 445. Chances Casino also plans to open at 11 a.m. instead of noon. Though the casino originally asked for a 9:30 a.m. opening time a social planning committee did not like the idea and city council ultimately agreed with the committee.

Chances Casino is considered a well-established business and staff believe neighbours have already come to expect a certain level of noise. It was recommended the patio close at 11 p.m. to help cut down on noise complaints though.

With the formal city stamp of approval, the application will now head to the provincial licensing branch for final approval.

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