Greeks gangsters convicted

Greeks gang leader Peter Monolakas.
Image Credit: (SOURCE: RCMP)

The Canadian Press reports five Vernon area men were found guilty Nov. 25 of three drug related slayings by a B.C. Supreme Court jury in Vancouver.

The article states that Peter Manolakos, Dale Sipes, Leslie Podolski, Douglas Brownell and Sheldon O'Donnell, who are members of the Greeks, were convicted for their roles in the killing of three men who crossed a violent drug gang.


Dale Sipes, Sheldon O'Donnell, Leslie Podolski and Douglas Brownell.
Dale Sipes, Sheldon O'Donnell, Leslie Podolski and Douglas Brownell.
Image Credit: (SOURCE: RCMP)


Manalokos has been convicted of one count of first degree murder. He was identified by the Crown as the leader of the gang, while Podolski is guilty of one count first degree murder, Sipes two counts of first degree murder and O'Donnell two counts of second degree and one count of first degree murder.


Though not a member of the gang, Brownell, who was presented during trial as having a relationship with the Greeks, is convicted of two counts of manslaughter.


The trial came as a result of the North Okanagan-area murders of David Marniuk, Thomas Bryce and Ronald Thom.


The four convicted of first degree murder face an automatic life sentence with no eligibility for parole for 25 years when they appear in court again on Thursday. Brownwell must wait for a ruling regarding the lesser charges. 


The jury sat through 18 months of evidence and weeks of closing arguments before deliberating. It took 12 days to reach a decision.

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