Fire Damaged Area of Kalamoir Regional Park Open

The northwest section of Kalamoir Regional Park that has been closed since a grassfire burned through the area last Saturday night is open once again.

Since Tuesday night, when West Kelowna Fire Rescue turned control of the area back to the Regional District, Regional Parks workers have made repairs to the Mike Passmore trail which passes through the 0.6 ha area that was damaged by the quickly spreading grassfire.  As well, potential hazards have been removed and fire guards have been remediated.

The Regional District thanks residents and other visitors to the 27 ha waterfront park for staying out of this area while repairs were made.

The fire hazard in the Central Okanagan is now rated Extreme.  Everyone is reminded that smoking, campfires or fires of any kind are not allowed in any Regional Park.  Violators could be ticketed and receive a fine of $100.00 in addition to causing a serious fire.

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