Eight person brawl turns ugly

Image Credit: Google Maps

KELOWNA - A woman was knocked unconcious with a snow shovel and a man taken to hospital as a result of a fight that happened yesterday morning.

At about 11:20 a.m. Sept. 23, Kelowna RCMP were told eight people were armed with bats and hockey sticks and fighting in the Black Mountain area. When they arrived, the found a 43-year-old Kelowna man with non-life-threatening injuries requiring medical attention. He was sent to hospital and has since been released. Police say the woman reportedly knocked unconscious with a snow shovel was carried away in a Chevy pickup truck.

The Chevy was tracked up a forest service road between Loseth Drive and Toovey Road and seven people were taken into custody.

"It seems that a broken snow shovel was mistaken for a bat or hockey stick in the initial report as neither were recovered by police," Const. Kris Clark stated in a press release. "Alcohol appears to have been a catalyst in the incident."

Police say they've had little cooperation from those involved and only have witness accounts to help them piece together the events that took place.

All but one have been released. The remaining man, 29, from Penticton is being held on the strength of an unedorsed warrant out of Prince George for which he was supposed to appear in court today.

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