Distracted driving kills more than drunk driving, B.C. considers higher fines

VICTORIA - Distracted driving is killing more British Columbians than drunk driving and Attorney General Suzanne Anton says the government is considering higher fines and penalties to put the brakes on the carnage.

The most recent B.C. driver death figures for 2012 show 81 people died in distracted driver accidents, while impaired driving was labelled as the cause of death in 55 crashes.

Currently drivers aren't given demerit points if they're caught talking on the phone, but Anton says she's considering changing that, along with boosting the current $167 fine for those caught talking, texting or emailing.

Anton says the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles will review distracted driver statistics, with the government poised to introduce increased penalties later this year.

Ontario tabled legislation last month increasing distracted driver fines to $1,000 and adding demerit points.

Earlier this week, a Vancouver driver's vehicle was impounded when he was caught driving while prohibited after accumulating 26 tickets for distracted driving.

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