Design firm selected to fix city creek

Penticton Creek was built to control flooding but 50-plus years later city council wants it restored to a more natural state.

PENTICTON - The city's flood control, Penticton Creek, will get the best care through a design firm talented enough for the job.

Coun. Judy Sentes said at Monday's council meeting StanTec was the best firm out of 12 to fix the city-length man-made stream system.

"You have no idea of the deterioration of the creek," she said, unless you examine the length of it. "There are pretty significant holes in the concrete along there. So, I'm thrilled to see this project go forward." 

StanTec's bill will run $55,611.

Funding for this is taxpayer-free. The city received $63,680 from the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation for creek restoration which will also help kokanee and rainbow trout habitats. These were damaged or outright destroyed when the creek was built following a massive flood in the 1950s.

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