Cute Kamloops canine latest YouTube sensation

Montana, a Kamloops dog, has become an internet sensation thanks to his love for sticks and his determination.
Image Credit: SOURCE/YouTube

By Jennifer Stahn

A one minute and 19 second video posted on YouTube less than five weeks ago by a Kamloops family has been viewed over one million times; making the subject of the video – their yellow lab Montana – an internet sensation.

The video – titled “dumb as STICK” - is one of two the family has posted on YouTube and features Montana trying to get an oversized stick through the gate of a local park. The determined dog continues to run the stick into the metal posts all the while making what some commenters refer to as “wookie sounds.” He continues to battle the bars – tail wagging - until finally getting some help with his maneuvering and then running off with his new friend.

More than 430 comments have already been posted about the video on YouTube and that number continues to grow alongside the views - more than 1,000 views have been tallied while writing this article. Currently the top comment is “no stick left behind,” by an American viewer and while some comments question the owner for not helping sooner, or criticize the dog for not figuring out his dilemma, many enjoyed the video and found the dog and his sounds cute, adorable and funny.

The video has been shared across North America through Twitter, online sites, in newspapers and on television programs, and a quick search of YouTube also finds several other channels sharing the video.

The second video of Montana currently has just over 450 views and features 22 seconds of the very excited lab “talking” during a drive to the park. Rumour has it he was excited to go find a stick.

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Video Credit: SOURCE/YouTube
Dumb as STICK - one dog's battle to fit through a gate while carrying an oversized stick.

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