Clearwater hall keeps its grant

Upper Clearwater Community Hall
Image Credit: Google Maps

CLEARWATER - The Thompson-Nicola Regional District has tallied the results from a public assent process for the elimination of the Upper Clearwater Community Hall grant-in-aid service, and the required number of petitions to eliminate the service was not received.

Of the 116 petitions that were delivered to property owners, 56 (or 48 per cent) were received indicating their support for elimination of the annual $5,000 grant to the Upper Clearwater Farmers Institute for the operation of the hall. The deadline for the receipt of petitions was noon on Tuesday, June 14.

For a petition to succeed, a majority (50 per cent or more) of the property owners in the service area must return their completed petitions by the deadline, and the net taxable value of those properties must represent 50 per cent or more of the net taxable assessed land and improvement values in the service area.

To meet the 50 per cent sufficiency, 58 petitions were required.

Based on the result, the petition has failed and the grant-in-aid service will continue.

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