Central Okanagan Regional District website goes mobile

Image Credit: Contributed

www.regionaldistrict.com is a familiar website address, but now it sports a new, mobile-friendly look.

Communications Officer Bruce Smith says, the Regional District website has been redesigned with updated navigation making it easier for users to find what they are looking for.  For example, the Waste Reduction Office and Parks Services areas are more intuitive with sections about Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste and Parks and Trails, Events and Programs.

“More than a third of our monthly visitors are using mobile or tablet devices,” says Smith, “and that number will continue to grow. In order to help them find the information they want, we’ve redesigned our website to be mobile-friendly.”

He adds, “We’ve also improved the search functionality using Google technology. Now hundreds of documents that were previously unavailable to searches on the site, can be found thanks to the search engine’s Optical Character Recognition feature.”

And the site also includes a new Waste Reduction Office tool for visitors.  “You can select your municipality, type in an item that you want to recycle and you’ll find out where you can safely recycle that item. It also gives you a direct link to your curbside waste collection schedule, what you need to know about curbside garbage, yard waste and recycling and tips on how to reduce and reuse. That’s in addition to the online, downloadable and mobile-friendly MyWasteApp which has been available for a few years.”

Smith says, “This is the first complete overhaul and upgrading of the Regional District website since 2003. As technology continues to advance and provide more opportunities to be interactive with our users, we’ll introduce improvements and refinements to our website.”

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