Burning Fire Hazard Debris in Regional Parks

The Regional District of Central Okanagan advises controlled burning is underway in several regional parks to dispose of collected fire hazard wood debris.

With good air quality and venting conditions today (Friday, March 7, 2014) open burning is allowed today for those eligible Central Okanagan property owners with permits from their local fire authority.

Residents may note burning piles in Stephens Coyote Ridge, Coldham and Kalamoir regional parks.

Today’s work is to dispose of fire hazard debris collected as part of large fuel modification projects underway within a 20-hectare section of Stephens Coyote Ridge Regional Park and nine hectares in Coldham Regional Park.

Further controlled burns will likely be required to dispose of the fire hazard debris that’s being collected in those two parks and also underway on a 21-hectare section of Scenic Canyon Regional Park.

In addition, with a permit issued by West Kelowna Fire Rescue, piles of pine beetle infested and other fire hazard wood debris are being burned today in the south area of Kalamoir Regional Park along the lakefront trail near the Sunnyside neighbourhood.  This material was recently collected in order to reduce potential hazards to park visitors.

As well, when crews are available, the BC Wildfire Management Branch will burn hazard debris piles in a portion of Rose Valley Regional Park above Bear Creek Road off Bowes and Pettman Roads.  This material from hazard trees and brushing was collected last year as part of a larger, ten-hectare multi-year fuel modification project.

All local fire departments and local media have been advised of today’s activity in the parks and will be notified when further burning takes place.

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