BROTHEN: How to break the rumour-mill in your small town

Image Credit: photo by Jennifer Stahn

The village of Ashcroft recently learned that the Central Cafe, a fixture in the little town, would shut its doors permanently. Most business-owners would just pack up and keep mum on the details, but cafe owner John Douglas took to social media to tell his customers the truth about why he couldn’t run his restaurant any longer.

He lost thousands of dollars in a second mortgage on the business. The debt incurred lost him an income and he's forced to close the cafe while he looks for work.

“This endeavour has cost me my marriage, my health, two beautiful Harley-Davidson motorcycles and close to $400,000.00 in savings and both (my wife’s) and my own inheritance money,” he said on Facebook.

Yet he remains surprisingly upbeat and frank over his finances, his pain and his real reasons for closing the cafe. With his customers, he told it plain and simple and laid out the facts; the business wasn’t producing enough income to help him in his rut.

Douglas said it reassured him to know he was handing the public the straight goods - otherwise those operating the small-town rumour mill would determine the story for themselves.

In our moments of struggle, one of the last things we want to admit to complete strangers, much less ourselves, is how bad of a time we’re having.

As for Douglas, he put it bluntly that even in the roughest times it always pays off for your character to be honest.

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