Snakes alive! Well, one anyway as Lady the python found in Montreal

MONTREAL - Luck proved to be on Lady's side Monday as an elusive royal python with that name was found just a few metres from where it escaped nearly six weeks ago.

Lady had been on the lam since disappearing from its owner's home in the Montreal borough of Verdun on Aug. 25.

A citizen noticed the serpent and put a box around it to prevent it from slithering away again, said borough spokeswoman Sarah Gagnon-Turcotte.

The python was certainly lucky because animal experts said it most likely wouldn't have survived much longer with lower temperatures.

Gagnon-Turcotte said Lady was brought to a local veterinary clinic.

"If the owner wants the snake back they'll have to pay the vet costs," she said. "City police have been in contact with her."

She added "the snake didn't go far. It looked very frail probably because of the cold and lack of food."

Pythons are not considered dangerous as they usually only eat small rodents and are not venomous.

While Lady is safe and sound, there is still no news of another python that went missing in Saint-Eustache, just north of Montreal.

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